Thursday, February 7, 2008

Dean Schmidt to Drive Manufacturing PR Program for TR Cutler, Inc (Riordan Manufacturing)

Riordan Manufacturing

Ranked as the nation's leading manufacturing public relations firm, TR Cutler, Inc. ( based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, launched a new PR program providing the trademarked intensive Manufacturing PR Media Blitz' program to members of manufacturing associations.

According to Cutler, "Manufacturing associations have been seeking ways to drive additional revenue streams. Over the past few years membership revenue has decreased and service revenue has been one of the few ways in which these associations have been able to survive. Due to the leadership role that TR Cutler, Inc. has in the manufacturing public relations arena, we have decided to introduce a program that will allow manufacturing associations to offer their members deeply discounted PR services starting in September 2005. There will be no cost for the manufacturing associations to participate in the program."

According to Dean Schmidt, Vice President of the new division, "Manufacturing associations that become early adopters of this Manufacturing PR Advantage™ program permanently receive the highest rebate level from TR Cutler, Inc. The aggressive manufacturing associations should expect to generate $100,000 annually in revenue from the rebate incentive program." Schmidt expects more than 200 manufacturing associations to participate in the program by the end of 2006, serving more than 4000 manufacturers throughout North America. Schmidt brings more than a decade of expertise with insurance organizations and operations management.

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