Saturday, February 9, 2008

What Is Computer Aided Manufacturing? (Riordan Manufacturing)

Riordan Manufacturing
In the last ten years, manufacturing processes around the world have been some dramatic changes. The introduction of automated systems and computer technology allows industries significantly increase their productivity. CAM is an acronym for Computer Aided Manufacturing. Computer-aided manufacturing product converts just drawing or object in a computer-readable code format, so the machine for the manufacture of the product. Computer-aided manufacturing can be used in various machines such as Rotary and milling machines for the production of the corresponding product.

A computer aided manufacturing system allows manufacturers to communicate systematic work instructions to the machine. CAM has evolved from a technology called the Computer Numerical Control (CNC), invented in the 1950s. CNC, a series of instructions encoded in a paper cassette.

Computer-aided manufacturing allows easy and fast computer programming and faster execution of design changes. The Computer-Aided Management System integrates the computer-aided design and control tasks, the order placement, scheduling and replacement of tools. The implementation of CAM system leads to increase of efficiency of the manufacturing process. CAM systems are used in the automotive, aerospace and furniture industries and fields such as engineering and electronic design. Another important advantage of using the computer-aided management system is that it allows for the adjustment of the production process for the creation of custom designs.

A computer aided manufacturing system requires a 3D environment to be compatible with CAD systems. The CAM system will cost 18000 dollars or more together with the appropriate software. CAM allows for the automatic integration of the manufacturing process mechanization with other systems such as Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM), Integrated Computer-Aided Manufacturing (ICAM), Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS), Direct Numerical Control (DNC) and Manufacturing Process Management (MPM). Repetitive tasks in the manufacturing process will be delegated to machines with the CAM system so that workers who are concentrating on quality and productivity.

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